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Rise Up

We recognize the body's unique role in healing trauma.


We provide scholarships to minorities, particularly women of color, who wish to attend professional trauma training at the BodyWise Institute.


After scholarship awardees complete trauma training certification requirements, they are invited to apply for our Community Leader Program (CLP).  Our CLP program offers individualized mentoring for graduates, supporting them in becoming leaders in their community.


Our Social Justice Training is offered virtually. These programs are open to anyone who wishes to participate, and each training level is designed to meet a different level of conversational fluency. Our Social Justice Trainings are prerequisites for all BodyWise Institute Trauma Training.


These are self-study action groups for white people who want to understand their inherent privilege and power and learn how to take action in support of those who are marginalized and oppressed. Each group is led by an established facilitator and includes discussion, self-reflection prompts, calls to action, and space to grow.

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The Institute is an online and in-person source hosting the journey of a life time: education through the body.

Our flagship program will grow you into a powerful therapist. After core courses are completed, trainees may specialize in special popultions.  

Our Psychotherapy Program is designed for clinicians seeking to integrate the body based interventions nto their private practices.


We offer evidence-based and experiential trainings to those on the front lines of trauma: yoga teachers, school teachers, fire fighters, social workers and more.


We offer mentorship programming for all training participants. In these programs, we support participants in developing their capacity as  trauma-informed providers.


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Deep Roots Wellness

A wellness center in baltimore

There is potential, possibility, an entire tree within a seed. As a seed becomes a tree, new root systems are continually growing deeper.

Human beings are like trees in that no matter how adverse our experiences are, there is always the potential for growth, regeneration, and renewal.

We envisioned a center with a new paradigm. Instead of asking how sick are you, we ask how well can you be.

Together our team makes up a place where the whole person is addressed. We share a belief that we are more effective as a team than as individuals. The different perspectives each of us bring allow us to see and support each part of you.

As a trauma-informed center, every aspect of our programming is intentional. We use practices that are proven to regulate the nervous system, rewire the brain, increase resilience, and promote neuroplasticity. The specific modalities we use are tailored to meet each client where they are, so that they are partnered every step of their journey.

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